Nature’s own way of restoring our water ways

“The Green Way”

Enviro Water Quality Restorations LLC. in conjunction with Ecological Laboratories, Inc. have over 100 years of Environmental Resource Management, Construction, Dredging and Service Related Contracting.

Our Mission

Originated in 2014 as Enviro Water Restoration, our Mission is to evaluate types of pollutants and quantity of organic sediment and then¬† remove Organic Pollutants from our waterways, lakes and ponds as well as reduce Organic Bottom Sediment from those same water bodies. We use a Naturally occurring microbial consortium that is sprayed onto the surface of the water in a process called “Bio-augmentation”. These microbes attach themselves to pollutants including Fecal Coliform, Nitrate, Nitrite. Enterococci , Fats, Oil, Grease and organic bottom muck and begin to absorb these pollutants converting them to more microbes and trace CO2. They have no effect on living organisms however some algae use these same pollutants to thrive and without them the algae will not survive except when large quantities of Phosphate are present.

Most technologies used in the treatment of water bodies that become polluted or undergo eutrophication involve some form of physical or chemicatreatment such as chemical oxidizers, flocculants, activated carbon and zeolites or mechanical dredging.
In January 2009 SEEK Enterprises Inc was invited to the Jacksonville Zoo to demonstrate our products in their Swan Pond that had water quality issues causing health problems to the Swans. The sampling was done RAD Asso, Inc. of Jacksonville Fl and the analysis was completed by Environmental Conservation Lab Inc of Jacksonville

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